Entry #363

Y'know what?

2009-05-31 19:10:23 by Gendo

I'm done.

I've said it before, but I'm serious this time.

I'm already in regular contact with most people I want to stay connected with, if anyone else gives a shit, drop an e-mail to harblcoques@gmail.com because I'm logging out after this and not going to reply to comments.


Y'know what?


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2009-05-31 20:49:56

And another regular leaves. Damn, how many times has this happened in the last few days? WilliWowza leaves, and everyone else follows!


2009-06-01 07:19:30

2009; the year everything ends


2009-06-05 07:21:18

AshfordPride, WilliWowza, Mendou, ZeroAsALimit, you.

5 of my very favourite users just gone, and I can't think of any good users who live up to how you guys were on the BBS. Sigh.

I'm finding Newgrounds depressing at the moment. I may drop you a line sometime, if that's alright with you.

Enjoy life.


2009-06-17 01:49:39

Rest in peace, Newtype.


2009-06-29 02:33:57

The wierd thing is, I have this feeling you're coming back.


2009-07-05 14:34:54

So many good users are leaving. Don't know what I should do.


2009-07-12 05:09:16

Gimme yo account nukkah.


2009-07-24 14:08:11

Oh hi gendo :'(


2009-08-23 05:00:56

Done with what?

The Richest Person in the world is the one...who's pleasures in Life are the Cheapest.
Your eyes are worth more to see than just what's on this screen...
The Grass isn't always greener on the other side... sometimes all Your side of the Grass needs is a little watering and care.
We only have one planet...you may have given up on it...by why should you let your children suffer...and if you are the children...don't you think you should do something about it? Cause if not...then your no better than your parents. And sooner and sooner...the world will become worse and worse...
Good riddance you might say? Well...shame on you...cause life will carry on even if you don't want to...
Even if you somehow devised a way to destroy the entire world...
Time...heals all wounds.
And in time...life can start again.
And perhaps next time...without the bad attitude.


2009-09-22 18:23:05

God is dead and you bastards killed him!


2009-11-22 06:37:26

You'll be back.

For some reason we all come back even if it's just for a short while.

Here's to hopes that you are or have watched Turn A Gundam.


2009-11-25 05:10:07

That wasn't a very loud bang.


2009-12-08 00:46:20

Your profile pic has Elena from Honey Blonde!


2010-02-01 14:10:16

I'm sorry to say that Gendo will indeed not be coming back, ever.

He has died in a car crash.


2011-09-10 04:15:44

i forgot this guy left. man ng is a fucken bummer


2014-03-17 23:57:05

So with sadness in my heart
I feel the best thing I could do
is end it all, and leave forever
whats done is done, it feels so bad
what once was happy, now is sad

I'll never love again