Entry #359

What sound does an arctic tern make?

2009-05-07 16:45:04 by Gendo

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It's like I'm really Kentaro Miura!

What sound does an arctic tern make?


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2009-05-07 16:54:05


Gendo responds:

inb4 another hiatus totally invalidates this tiny amount of progress.


2009-05-08 00:32:23

I remember when he use to make so much progress in a chapter. Now he tries to draw EVERY FUCKING FOOTSTEP.

Gendo responds:

He's probably got no clue how to resolve the current plot.

Probably because he went and made a goddamn mess of the story.


2009-05-08 18:40:05

I don't think he made a mess of it. Once it reaches Bleach level, it will be a mess. At least we know Griffin wants a kingdom. It's just after Griffin's resurrection that's the problem. When the fuck will he get Caska's memory back? I know he literally fucked her brains out. It was awesome when Guts was by himself, but it seems those demons haunting him started to exhaust him. It didn't HAVE to happen this way. I do like the whole dark (Guts) vs. the light (Griffin) thing. In this one, the light is evil.

At least in a manga like One Piece that doesn't take itself seriously, Luffy's currently causing all hell with Crocodile and Tim Curry, who has the power to Rule 63, to break out of the marine's most secure prison and save Ace. Yeah it doesn't take itself seriously.

Face it! When some artists get older, their work starts to suck. Like Rumiko Takahashi.

(Updated ) Gendo responds:

Something doesn't need to be Bleach bad to be a mess.

And plotwise, that's exactly what Berserk is.

The past year or two has been unsubstantial and hard to follow.


2009-05-09 05:07:59

Still on Namek Miura?

Gendo responds:

Pirates are the new Namekians.


2009-05-09 13:39:21

I don't think this is what the Godfather had in mind when he said to put a horse's head into that guy's bed.

Gendo responds:

Cannot unsee.


2009-05-10 18:00:34

http://thatguywiththeglasses.com/vide olinks/thatguywiththeglasses/nostalgi a-critic/6719-1-year-anniversary-vide o

Holy Shit!

Gendo responds:

Oh look, people from the internet having a fist fight.

So randumb XD.


2009-05-11 03:47:38

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRT-nh O0_FE
It was never coming out anyway. Way to rub salt in the wound 3D Realms.