Entry #357

So I ended up buying Gendums instead of renting it.

2009-04-25 23:33:52 by Gendo

It was worth the money.

Now to play it nonstop till all the games I got off the internetz arrive.

So I ended up buying Gendums instead of renting it.


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2009-04-25 23:54:13

Gonna take a dump all over your Gendums, you motherfucker.

Gendo responds:

That's fucking disgusting.

You some kind of scat freak?


2009-04-26 01:28:30

I ended up preordering Jak and Daxter the Final Frontier.

Gendo responds:

I have Jak 3 lying around the house somewhere.

Need to play that shit.


2009-04-26 13:28:53

Oh shit, I completely forgot about Jak and Daxter; haven't played Jak 3 in like a year.

Gendo responds:

I got Jak 3 for my birthday from a friend.

Now I kinda want to play 2 again, even though it was Satanically difficult.


2009-04-26 21:29:49

Jak 3 is awesome but theres something about two that gets the hold of me


2009-04-26 22:44:47

God I hate Gundam, stupid fucking shitty robutt series that acts all GRIMDARK and DEEP.

Fucking stupid, I'm going to watch something awesome, like K-ON.

Gendo responds:

While you're at it, buy a left-handed bass so you can be JUST LIKE YOUR WAIFU IN THE JAPANESE ANIME

Baka gaijin.


2009-04-28 21:38:04

http://captainosaka.deviantart.com/ar t/DOUBLE-K-001-82688715


Gendo responds:

Man, fuck Diebuster.

Top wo Nerae was where it was at.

And then they made a sequel.