Entry #355

Like one guy reads these fucking things.

2009-04-20 21:18:58 by Gendo

Props, G.

Like one guy reads these fucking things.


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2009-04-20 21:27:20

Gonna have sex with you.

Gendo responds:

That'd be swell.


2009-04-20 21:35:54

Very nice picture :)

Gendo responds:

It is, isn't it?


2009-04-21 01:21:52

no one reads my fucking blog either.

you think people would have the decency to atleast give a passing "very nice, <name>' but they never do.

Gendo responds:

Yeah, kinda tragic.


2009-04-21 15:49:52

I come here to enlarge my picture folder.

Is that a valid reason?

Gendo responds:


That sounds good.


2009-04-21 23:57:02

Sir Gendo, I just watched the entire series of Toradora. I honestly don't know if that's a good thing or not, but I did think half of the episodes were boring as all hell. Advice plz? :[

Gendo responds:


Why did you do that?

Fucking awful tsundere shit. Taiga and Ryuuji are so fucking bland, plus it's J.C. Staff so it didn't even look all that good.


2009-04-22 03:04:58

I thought I would check out /a/ one day and boom, that was the first unfamiliar title that came up. I watched one episode, thought "lolk, maybe this won't be so bad." It was. Terribly. Then it never got any better, but I still watched just so I can say "lol I watched it." No pain was worth all that trouble.

I feel ashamed, I haven't a clue how I should redeem myself, Sir Gendo. I need guidance ;__;

Gendo responds:

Yeah, this is why I'm glad I'm so non-commital.

I can watch one or two episodes of something and not care to finish it unless I'm really enjoying it.

Go say like a dozen Hail Marys or something.


2009-04-22 03:11:03

Now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure I'm a masochist. I watched Lucky Star for fuck's sake. I'll never live that down.

Gendo responds:

That's just nuts.


2009-04-22 05:55:54

What the hell, I already posted a comment here and I haven't even told you how pretty the picture you posted is.


That picture is pretty btw.

Anyway, maybe that Valkyria Chronicles anime will get that tripe out of my head. Even though Welkin is more of a dope and Alicia is more of a stereotypical anime girl when compared to the game.

Gendo responds:

I can't be arsed to watch the show.

It's ugly and they're playing with the plot too much for my tastes.


2009-04-22 17:54:56

What's Kamille looking at in that pic, Naked Bright?

Gendo responds:

That black kid's dick, actually.