Entry #354

Some shit.

2009-04-20 15:23:19 by Gendo

Got accepted into all the classes I wanted for grade 12.

Time to party.

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Some shit.


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2009-04-20 15:26:28

Yeah, I'm taking AP U.S. History my junior year and Creative Writing and Astronomy as electives, so awesome for me.

Also, I just read the Scott Pilgrim series and it's okay I guess.

Gendo responds:

Scott Pilgrim is pretty well drawn for shitty modern comics, but holy amateurish writing, Batman.

God, whatever happened to comics being good?


2009-04-20 15:39:37

It went away in the 80's when comic book writers thought it was a good idea to make comics more serious and have a "message".

Gendo responds:

There's too strict a difference between serious and fun in comics these days.

Serious books get didactic and preachy or drown in the author's fucking pretensions, and the fun books are usually indie press series that last like five issues.